Take this Web Design course to turn your ideas into reality, by creating your own website designed to grow your business and company to the next level. Course contents includes step by step guide from selecting templates, layout designs, content creation to design your own website in style.

Introduction –

Today, getting a website up and running quickly is easier than ever before. But how do you make sure it’s not an eyesore? For those without prior design experience, a brief primer on the basic principles and tools of web design can go a long way, whether you want to build your own sites or simply better communicate with more design-minded colleagues.

Objectives –

  • An understanding of basic design principles (alignment, color, typography, hierarchy)
  • How to apply those principles to their own projects.
  • Insight into how designers think and tips on how to work with a designer.
  • Resources to use for design inspiration and further learning.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Web
Internet/intranet fundamentals 00:00:00
Web architecture 00:00:00
Exploring browers 00:00:00
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 00:00:00
Introduction to the web 00:00:00
HTML: Hypertext Markup Language Building a web page with HTML and XHTML
Head and body elements 00:00:00
Ordered/unordered lists 00:00:00
Defining relative and absolute anchors 00:00:00
Adding graphic elements
Making your pages graphical with embedded images 00:00:00
Adding interactivity with “clickable” images 00:00:00
Utilising animated images to liven up a web page 00:00:00
Creating images maps to link parts of a single image 00:00:00
Controlling page styles and layout with CSS
Attaching style properties to HTML tags 00:00:00
The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 00:00:00

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